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Join your gamemaster Cameron, your first player Raiden, your third player Ryan, and your second player Quinn on a sci-fi romp through the wonderfully silly world of Dungeons: The Dragoning 40000 7th edition. Follow the adventures of the renown muscle wizard Cornelius Thrustlift, the snake con artist Atheris Squamigera, and the condemned Sasquatch Ham Henderson as they fight for fame, fortune, and fun with a thoroughly unconventional group of players.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. ODAMCast EP 23: People Without Faces

    There's swears in this. The climactic showdown you've all been waiting for... JACK STARSPEED VS RANDOM SOLDIER! Also Cornilius and Ignatius fight or something who cares? ...


  2. MADOcast EP 3: Gimme

    Swears happen in this one. In this episode of the MADOcast, our "heroes" proceed with defending the dwarven stronghold. ...


  3. ODAMCast EP 22: Holding Out For A Hero Point

    This episode has swears in it In this episode of the ODAMcast, Cornelius Thrustlift does battle with the Champion of the Funky Bunch. ...


  4. ODAMCast EP 21: Jark Stackspeed

    This podcast contains swears In this episode of the ODAMcast, The Genital Raters go forth to defend a planet under attack by The Funky Bunch. ...


  5. MADOcast EP 2: Lots of Accents Larry

    Thine Podcaste Contains Foul Speaketh (Coarse Language) The long awaited second episode of The MADOcast! On this episode, Iklalm put her plans of global domination into action! ...